I’m starting anew

…and I’m not posting this just because it’s a new year.
2016 is literally going to change the course of my life style, including everything that I’m used to doing and the culture that I grew up with.

As most of you have already heard, my family and I are moving to Boise, Idaho in USA (except for my elder sister because she’s working in Singapore right now). This means three things:

  1. I need to learn how to drive.
  2. I’d have to cancel all my slots for the next sem ’cause I’m not enrolling.
  3. I need to work on my English speaking skills.

For number one, I’ve already learned how to drive. I got my student driver’s license back in December and finished my driving lessons on the first week of January. Now, all I need to do is to get my nonprofessional driver’s license, which would talk me about 2 months to process it and actually get the card. Hooray! (Yes,that was sarcastic.)

Unfortunately, as I have mentioned in my earlier post, I am no longer enrolling this semester (*cue in Yiruma’s Kiss the Rain and my tears of sadness*) and have my FULL 21 UNITS cancelled by SystemOne on the deadline of the finalization of our schedule. I felt my heart breaking when I saw my schedule online that went from this


To this:

zero units

Assuming that I am enrolling this semester, the only adjustments I need is to change NASC 2 to NASC 4, which are both General Courses, add a PE-2 subject which schedule is TTH and NSTP 2 on Mondays. But yeah, I’m not going to school for a while so it’s better not to finalize my slots so others who need it can enroll in it.

As for my English speaking skills, I won’t deny still having my Filipino accent. That’s not what I’m worried about tho. What I’m worried about are the actual interaction and communication with the people there. What if I can’t understand them because they speak too fast, or my mind lags when they say something?

This was a problem for me back when I visit Singapore every Christmas or Summer break because they actually speak fast and their accent is Singlish. It’s not that slang but it’s not hard on the pronunciations either. It also takes away unnecessary words that’s why their sentences seem like their grammatically incorrect but it’s still understood by many. Plus, they have their own jargon and phrases like “lah”, “shiok”,  “can or not?”, “Ah siao liah?” I’m not sure with the last phrase but basically it means the guy or girl is crazy and is spoken jokingly. (Sudden thought, I should write a post about my experiences in Singapore for the past 4 years. Haha.)

Anyway, I’m still trying to cope with these sudden changes in my life because frankly it’s a lot to take in when you’re completely going to live a whole new life there. 😂 (Hey! The emoji works! awesome.)

Vera Valdez


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