Hunger Games No More

Tomorrow, January 13, marks the so-called Hunger Games of my university, which may also technically refer to the enlistment, cancellation, and swapping of slots of different subjects of the students, be it major or minor subjects. We call it Hunger Games because basically, students race for the remaining units they need to acquire and weren’t given to them from the initial schedule, and subjects that they need to take for that certain semester. I don’t know about the other UP campuses but in UP Los Baños (UPLB) this happens every semester that is why it has become so popular among the crowd. But enough of that, let me get to the point.

Today, my friends, is also the first time that I am not participating in such event because–surprise, surprise!–I’m not enrolling this second semester! Yes, you’ve read that right. I am not going to school this 2nd sem mainly because, as I have mentioned earlier, my family and I are moving to US in a few months and I wouldn’t be able to even finish the sem. (It starts on mid-January and ends later on May) I still wanted to enroll, but I can’t. And if you’re still wondering why then let me show you the reasons through a numbered list:

  1. Payment for my tuition is going to be a waste because I’m not even going to finish the whole semester.
  2. I’ll also waste my time acquiring units for nothing.
  3. My units are not even going to be credited for any course from the college that I’m going to attend to in the US
  4. I still need to manage some papers and documents I need for my college requirements in the US.
  5. My dad is constantly insisting that I should get a non-professional driver’s license here and practice my driving skills because I’m gonna need them in the US. (According to my dad, most people who live their choose to drive than to commute.)

I guess it’s best not to enroll myself this semester… even though I really really REALLY wanted to. I remember the first time my mom brought this up to me and asked what if I don’t enroll for the next semester because I might move earlier the next year, I literally felt tears coming up my eyes. Of course, I was holding them back as I shook my head in utter disagreement because NO, there is no way I am going to leave that sudden.

Before Christmas, I knew deep inside that I was eventually going to US and study there. My mom was talking to dad on Skype or FB chat (I don’t know which), and that was when I got to have a talk with dad. He mentioned my enrollment again and brought up his suggestion for me not to enroll for second semester. We were discussing it for a couple of minutes, and there were even arguments coming from me. We ended the call and I went upstairs to my room and just stared at the bed for a few minutes as thoughts kept coming in my head. That was when I couldn’t hold back my tears any longer because it became more visible to me that it really is better if I shouldn’t really enroll for the next semester.

It was hours of bawling, I tell ya. When I talked with my ate (older sister), I couldn’t stop crying either. I kept insisting that I should enroll, but I was starting to give illogical reasons, and plainly, reasons that weren’t even practical like, “Why don’t you just pull me off mid-semester?” or “Hey, at least I’ll still learn some stuff even if I’m not going to finish the semester! It’s advanced learning!” or “But I already made out goals that I want to achieve that sem! I even plan to join the music team in the youth ministry there!”

I guess I just couldn’t accept the fact that last semester was really my final term in UP Los Baños. This may seem a bit cheesy but images of my friends from college suddenly popped in my head. No more lunches with my close friends, no more overnights at Czy’s apartment, no more all-nighters with the Catalysts (actually this was a valid one since there’s no guarantee we’d be classmates for our next subjects in the future), no more youth services every Wednesday or Thursday at Victory Church in Los Baños. No more everything UP-related because I’m not even going to be a student there anymore. 😦

I didn’t know I was going to have to give up a whole semester and a two-month vacation for our preparation. I thought my two-month summer vacation from school, which is June and July, would be enough time for me to adjust to a new culture, a new place, and just before college there starts. I guess when you’re about to settle, you need more time to prepare not only yourself, but all the necessities that your family needs.

And honestly, right now, I need more time to take these all in.


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